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Our Legal Firm In Toronto 

We facilitate smoother transactions for Israeli's and the Jewish diaspora living in Ontario who conduct business with Israel or require legal services for their personal affairs.

We provide comprehensive and customize services for families living in Canada that need assistance simultaneously in both jurisdictions.
We provide legal management consulting to companies operating both in Israel and in Canada, from inception to operation to mergers and acquisitions.

Our lawyers have expertise in the law of both Ontario and Israel, allowing them to tailor post-separation solutions and to provide the most accurate legal advice to your specific circumstances, giving you the peace of mind you need.

We offer legal consulting on:

  • Immigration services, including army exemptions.

  • Banking transactions.

  • Matters at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  • Family law, including extended family
    Separation Agreements, Decision making authority and parenting time, Child Support, Rabbinical courts, Marriage contracts prior to departing and returning to Israel, Comm


  • Wills and estates:
    Over-seas powers of attorney, Wills and International wills, Estate Administration.


  • Commercial and investment law:
    Establishing a company in Israel, Voluntary liquidation, Liquidation of private companies, Grant/sale/transfer of shares, Due diligence procedures, Business negotiation and mediation, Commercial litigation, Mergers and acquisitions, Tenders.


  • Privacy and cyber law
    Database Registration, DPO, Contractual , support in the fields of information security, cyber and privacy, DPIAs.


  • Tax law: Taxation for returning citizens.

  • Real estate law.

  • Labour law:
    ​Employers and Employees.


  • Commercial litigation.

Immigration services, including army exemptions: We help clients with all aspects of immigration law, including obtaining visas, work permits, and permanent residency. We also assist clients with applying for army exemptions.

Banking transactions: We advise clients on all aspects of banking law, including cross-border transactions, financing, and investments.

Matters at the Ministry of Internal Affairs: We help clients with a variety of matters at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including passport renewal, visa applications, and citizenship issues.

Family law, including extended family: We represent clients in all areas of family law, including divorce, Hague Convention, child custody, and support. We also provide legal services to extended family members, such as grandparents and stepparents.

Wills and estates: We help clients create and update their wills and estate plans. We also provide legal services to executors and beneficiaries.

Commercial and investment law: We advise clients on all aspects of commercial and investment law, including contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance.

Privacy and cyber law: We advise clients on all aspects of privacy and cyber law, including data protection, cybersecurity, and intellectual property.

Tax law: We advise clients on all aspects of tax law, including cross-border taxation, income tax, and estate planning.

Real estate law: We represent clients in all aspects of real estate law, including buying, selling, and leasing property.

Labour law: We advise employers and employees on all aspects of labour law, including employment contracts, workplace disputes, and termination of employment.

Commercial litigation: We represent clients in all types of commercial litigation, including contract disputes, and shareholder disputes.

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