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Family law and inheritance

Family Law and Inheritance, Prenuptial Agreements, reconciliation as well as Divorce procedures if neededUnique specialization in the protection of the rights of minors in Israel And in the world

Attorney Eva Steinmetz (Klein), the founder of the firm, has a great reputation and unique expertise in international law and the protection of minors' rights, as well as in cyberspace and representation in custody and kidnapping claims (Hague Convention) in Israel and as an expert in Israeli law abroad.

Protecting the rights of minors, also from their remains in very complex family proceedings as well as in the virtual space, is a world of unique and sensitive content that requires multidisciplinary legal and technological skills acquired by attorney Chava Klein and her name goes before her as an expert in the field.

Attorney Shira Ravid, a senior partner at the head of the family law and inheritance department, is engaged in the legal settlement of what is necessary both in life and after death between family members and representation in all family disputes in Israel in matters relating to both divorce proceedings (for married couples) and separation proceedings between Couples (who are not married), and include: custody and time spent with the children, child support and their maintenance (and all their other needs), property separation that includes balancing resources (social rights, reputation, etc.) and dissolution of partnership (in real estate).

Attorney Ravid has unique expertise in special needs. 

Divorce is a long and complicated process that can last for many years. For most people, the process overwhelms a lot of concerns: how much of the joint property will they receive? How long will the process take? Will they get full or partial custody?  How much alimony will they pay/receive? 

Your choice of the professional team that will accompany the process is significant, the style of conduct of lawyers is different from one to another, and the possibilities are many. And your choice indicates a lot, not only tactical ("war" or not), but also about your character and your choice of how you manage crises in your life. Because alongside preserving your rights, respectful and dignified conduct is part of you. 

Family conflicts are also considered between siblings, parents, brothers-in-law, uncles, and other family members, in family businesses and within family pathologies of property division. 

Family conflicts also happen between grandparents and their children or the bride/groom, when the grandparents are not allowed to meet their grandchildren or the relationship is damaged in a way that harms its quality. from the court to allow contact with the minors. 

Some of the family disputes, apart from the above mentioned, are also around inheritances, objections to wills and management of litigation procedures in these as well. 

Our office also represents in the legal proceedings in the family courts and the religious courts, in appeals, mediations and arbitrations, as well as conducting mediations and arbitrations within the office, when parties apply together in their desire to reach a fundamental and beneficial agreement for everyone, by choice, rather than complicated and lengthy legal proceedings. 

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