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England- Canada- Greece- Cyprus

Abstract Sphere

סניפי משרדנו בקנדה - טורונטו, ביוון, באנגליה - לונדון ובקפריסין - לרנקה, ובהם עורכי דין מנוסים וותיקים בתחומים שבהם מייצג משרדנו מעניקים ללקוחותינו שירות מסביב לעולם תחת קורת גג אחת.

משרדנו נותן מעטפת שירותים משפטיים וכלכליים ללקוחותינו בכל צרכיהם מסביב לעולם,

לרבות חברות, הגירה והשקעות בנדל"ן ונותנים את המענה המקצועי המקיף מתחילתו ועד סופו במדינות בהם פועל המשרד.

Our office branches in Canada - Toronto, in Greece, in England - London in Cyprus - Larnaca, including experienced and veteran lawyers in the fields    in which our office represents provide our clients with service around the world under one roof.

Our office provides an envelope of legal and financial services to our clients in all their needs around the world, including companies, immigration and real estate investments and we provide the comprehensive professional answer from start to finish in the countries where the office operates.

For the purchase of a property - throughout the entire process: matching the property to the client, locating the property, due diligence and full support in all stages of the purchase, including negotiations and drawing up the sales agreement.

Status adjustment
Regulating the right of residence or residence permit through the proposed visas 

gold visa

 What is required of a foreign citizen in order to get a visa/gold visa/residency visa 

work visa 

Status of spouse and other family members


Handling the transition between the types of approvals 

Regulation of family law and inheritance 

As needed - wills, financial agreements, agreements and arrangements on all aspects, including meanings in local law

Opening a bank account

Establishment and management of a company 

  Company registration, hiring and company management

Legal advice for companies and corporations

  Public and private companies, regulation


Consultation with the tax authorities for optimal tax planning 

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