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Cyber ​​security and privacy

In our office, you can receive a package of legal (LEGAL) and technological (DPO+CISO) opinion in a way that examines the regulation applicable to the organization, in Israel, Europe (GDPR) and in the USA and providing a legal response at all levels necessary for proper, continuous and safe company conduct.

The firm's clients receive a professional, legal and technological response, after examining the organization's procedures for information security and privacy protection, for clients, employees and suppliers, examining information security through the company's technologies and their compliance with the regulation applicable to the company, the privacy protection law in Israel as well as in the countries to which the organizations provide services and which laws Theirs may apply, as providers of services to residents of the European Union or the USA.

Registration of databases - this is an obligation that applies according to the law to anyone who stores information according to the parameters established in the law and regulations, certainly if you receive "leads" from customers and keep their details with you, or for example, send them a distributed email, or you are a service provider and therefore There is different financial or personal information about the customers. ​ The Authority for the Protection of Privacy, the cyber system and the other authorities that the regulator has strengthened in recent years, possess the power intended to protect the information and privacy of Israeli citizens and not only them, both preventively and if God forbid, your organization is attacked and they will intervene, to try to minimize damages in such a case of a cyber attack, A malicious virus, a Trojan horse, intrusions by hackers with different interests and the ransom demands that usually come together with the cyber attacks.

It is important for every organization to maintain its reputation as one that is well organized and takes care of the security of the information kept with it in the maximum and best way available, technologically and legally.

You are invited to contact our office, so that we can examine for you the relevant contracts, the most effective and safest legal outline for you, while examining the regulator's requirements for maximum information security in the company, we will accompany you all the way efficiently, professionally and thoroughly.

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