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Cyber risk survey

legal and technological 

At the Alto office, we perform risk surveys for many businesses, map their legal and technological situation, issue a list of recommendations for immediate implementation and perform follow-up so that you, company managers, can receive the legal envelope that protects you from civil lawsuits and indictments.

A company that employs employees and keeps data on employees and customers is exposed to the instructions of the regulator in Israel and abroad regarding the security of information and the preservation of information privacy

The risk survey report

Includes the following processes and their summary:

Client 2

Legal and technological questionnaire

Legal and technological risk survey - conducted through in-depth interviews, questionnaires and investigations with all direct and indirect office staff.

Client 3

Checking contracts and third parties

Checking the software, the contracts with the software and the cloud and their actual performance. including attack simulation.

Client 5

Cyber awareness and professional training

Employee training for cyber +Lomada
Coordinated phishing - and the training of employees who "fall"

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