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מחלקת פונדקאות, אימוץ והורות

The surrogacy and parenting department is headed by attorney Lilach Nehemiah, the department handles couples facing a surrogacy procedure in Israel or abroad, starting with the legal consultation phase before entering into a surrogacy agreement, assistance in managing negotiations with the surrogacy company and moving on to legal treatment of the newborn's documents, including the regulation of his status of the baby in the records of the Ministry of the Interior and the various state authorities that are legally responsible for the matter, paternity claims, parental orders. The department handles all types of families into which children enter: married couples, same-sex families or in Chapter B. The department also handles child adoption procedures in Israel and abroad. including submitting the application for adoption and regulating the legal status of the adopted child and the adoptive parent.

Adv. Nehemiah uses her skills as a mediator in the management of parentage and surrogacy cases. She also served as the director of continuing education at the Bar Association in the Jerusalem District.

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