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Legal Departments

Legal representation in legal courts, management of negotiations, agreements, mediations and arbitrations

​We provide legal advice to clients and businesses in their commercial engagements in Israel and around the world, in all legal needs related to contracts, agreements, information security and privacy, database registration, regulation of privacy policies on websites and applications, as well as thorough

.handling of family disputes and complex businesses

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Negotiation and crisis management

With accumulated expertise, of negotiation studies in Israel and abroad, we accompany our clients in goal-oriented strategic management, in preparation for transactions, agreements and contracts. As well as in legal procedures, mediations and arbitrations

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Commercial department - representation of companies and businesses

​Companies now face the task of navigating these complex risks and opportunities in an environment where many jurisdictions are uncertain and risks are increasing. We accompany our clients with extensive legal knowledge and experience, while combining courage, innovation and a deep understanding of the clients' needs and aspirations.

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Information security and privacy

The flow of large and fast information is a decisive characteristic of the information economy today. The ability to transfer customer data, employees, personal information and sensitive personal information such as financial records and other information, around the world, quickly and cheaply opened a world of opportunities for many businesses and at the same time, a new world of risks. We accompany and provide legal advice to businesses that act responsibly towards their customers and employees, in everything related to information security, to obtain a legal opinion, risk surveys, registration of legal databases and compliance with high professional and legal standards.

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Family law and inheritance - surrogacy, adoption and parentage

The team of the family law department deals with the legal regulation of what is necessary both in life and after death between family members and representation in all family disputes in Israel in matters concerning both divorce proceedings (for married couples) and separation proceedings between couples ( who are not married), and include: custody and time spent with the children, alimony Children and their children (and all their other needs), property separation that includes balancing resources (social rights, reputation, etc.) and dissolution of partnership ( in real estate). Department of Surrogacy, Adoption and Parenting

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Arbitrations and mediations

The firm cooperates with attorney Ofir Pickholz in managing arbitrations in the civil-commercial field, company and partnership law, real estate, contract law, disputes between partners and shareholders, and consumer law.

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International collaborations

Our office is proud of business and legal collaborations with leading offices in the USA, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates, with a constant ambition to increase the scope of collaborations

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